Your wedding day will undoubtedly be the most important day of your life. That is the day you will turn a new page in life. This is the day as a woman, you will sign a document that will begin a life contract between you and your husband, and you will make countless vows that will bind you together for life. For this reason, you should make this day memorable, not just for you as the bride, but also for the friends and family members who will attend this important event.</p.

…Belts and necklaces can be a game changer!

wedding belt

Did you know that necklaces and belts can enhance your looks during your wedding day?
Unfortunately, necklaces and belts are an afterthought to many brides, rather than a priority. This is wrong! Remember, having a beautiful necklace and belt will show off your gown, and can significantly increase your confidence and make you feel relaxed until the end of the day.
Of course, you will be worried about your budget when purchasing things to wear to your wedding. However, you want everything to be perfect, huh? Why have a flexible budget that can accommodate a good belt and a one-of-a-kind necklace? However, these two accessories don’t have to break your bank since the modern bridal market has many options available.

Tips and tricks for choosing a perfect necklace and belt for your wedding

Do you wake up on the eve of your wedding day and decide to have a necklace and a belt for the big day? NO! If your dream is to have something that will complement everything else that you’ve got, then you need to acquire the best early enough. Here is a compilation of a few tips and tricks that will help you get the best.

Tip #1 Get something old

Do you still remember that a belt and necklace for your wedding doesn’t have to leave you broke? Well, here is an excellent option for you. As they rightly say, old is gold, and getting something antique for your wedding will simply…make you look gorgeous.
If you have a Family’s jewellery box, it will be a perfect place for you to get these two items without having to spend a dime. Search every corner of it – with permission of course, and you might find something that will look great on you. If you don’t, then rush to your grandparent’s house, and request your grandmother to lend you the belt and necklace she wore on her wedding day. If you are lucky to get them, you will doubtlessly rock on your W-day!


Tip #2 Choose what your heart loves

Do not go for a particular belt or necklace simply because you have been advised to do so, or because the friends who accompany you for the shopping like it. Go for what your heart wants. Choose what you believe will make you feel comfortable on the D-day. Unlike the gown, you might need to wear these elements on ordinary days; thus select those you think will look great on your time and again.

Tip #3 Rent them!

This is one of the best ways to look exceptional on your wedding day without a hefty price tag on it. Instead of shopping for a belt and necklace for your wedding, get into the nearest jewellery store and rent one. By doing this, you will be making sure you wear the best but paying too little. However, be careful not to drink a lot during your evening party, and forget that you have rented jewellery worth hundreds of dollars to you. You can remove them immediately after the wedding and return them on the next day.

Tip #4 Do you want to save money? Replicate it!

You don’t have to wear a belt and necklace made of pure gold or diamond. Your wedding will be a one-day event, and you don’t have to spend all your money on it. Many fake alternatives mimic the original, and you will still look as great wearing them. The only downside is that you will not use them for long on your other marital gems after the wedding.

Wearing a belt on your wedding is not an option

Whether you are a bride or groom in a wedding, never turn a blind eye to the importance of a belt. Not only will it make you comfy and tranquil throughout the day, but it is also a significant element to compliment your dressing. Remember, the right belt on your wedding day can draw a line between a conventional dressing and an amazing one.
Choosing a great belt can make your wedding outfit look picturesque on you, but picking the wrong one can mess you big time. Your belt should not say something different from the rest of your dressing, get one that will compliment your style of dressing on the wedding day.

Looking for an exquisite bridal necklace in Melbourne?



Melbourne is a great city that is characterized by many bridal jewellery designers. When looking for a bridal necklace for your wedding, do not purchase the first one you set your eyes on. Getting one from Stephanie Browne can be a prudent decision. This is a Melbourne-based designer who has been in business for over two decades now and a market leader in hand-made Swarovski bridal jewellery.
The bridal necklaces from this designer are precisely crafted to fit individual needs. You can get a piece made from Swarovski pearls, crystals, and diamontes, which will give you a sense of class and improve your self-confidence. The exclusive handmade bridal necklaces are available in an array of colours and metal finishes, all with a personal touch to complement your wedding dress.

The ideal gift

If you are attending a friend’s or relative’s wedding, do not bother looking for expensive electronics or furniture. A simple but elegant bridal necklace or belt is the best gift you can give the bride or the bridesmaid before the wedding day. This will cost you a few hundreds, or maybe thousands of dollars, depending on your financial might, but trust your guts – this will be one of the best gifts you can give in a wedding!
Marriage is a rite of passage, but the way your ceremony will look is all in your hand. With proper planning, adequate budget, professional photography, and of course a beautiful BELT and NECKLACE, you will be on your way to having the best wedding Australia has seen in years. Good Luck!